HSE Policy

As a core value to the Varley Group business activities we are committed to the prevention of incidents by providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all the Varley Group employees, contractors, visitors as well as the broader community.

The approach of Varley Group to Health, Safety & Environment is one of continuous improvement by establishing measurable Objectives & Targets and consistently reviewing / revising our processes in Health, Safety & Environment performance with the aim to eliminate incidents / injuries within the workplace. This is to be achieved by enhancing the skills, knowledge and commitment of its workforce, which embraces all Employees, Contractors and Suppliers.

To attain this objective our aims are to:

  • Comply with all WHS Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice as far as reasonably practicable;
  • To consult and communicate with employees regarding Health, Safety & Environmental issues;
  • Apply Risk Management processes that identifies, evaluates and controls risks with the specific aim of risk elimination or reduction of incidents / injuries;
  • Provide each employee with appropriate training, equipment and support to consistently perform their duties in a safe manner;
  • Managers understand and dutifully undertake their HSE duty of care / due diligence responsibilities to all relevant employees, contractors, visitors and all members of the public;
  • Provide required resources so that Health, Safety & Environment is an integral part of the organisation;
  • Protect and secure our environment by seeking to minimise the impact of our activities.
  • Support environmental sustainability through pollution prevention, waste management, recycling and energy conservation;
  • Be acknowledged as a good corporate citizen concerned for the safety and well-being of our staff, all contractors and visitors.

As Managing Director of the Varley Group, I am personally committed to the improvement of safe working practices within the Company and it is essential that all employees, contractors and suppliers associated with our operations recognise, contribute and abide with the Company commitment to the prevention of all accidents within the workplace.


- HSE Policy Statement - Jeff Phillips, Managing Director.