Dulevo 6000

The idea

Design, innovative and solid structures, effective solutions for all applications and the exclusive, ample waste collection hopper make the Dulevo 6000 sweeper the perfect work tool for all seasons, places and times, regardless of weather and location.


Construction characteristics and advantages of the Dulevo 6000 road sweeper:

  • Operator comfort and ergonomics - Large interior cabin space and the quality of seats & suspension make this machine a highly comfortable workplace.
  • Operator safety - An insulation system and additional springs protect the operator from sound emissions and vibrations. The panoramic cabin glass ensures a full view of the work & surrounding areas.
  • Environmentally friendly - Proven to eliminate fine particles 100%, compared to normal sweepers, while saving up to 60% of water, the Dulevo 6000 is capable of satisfying all future environmental requirements. The engine complies with the most recent European emission regulations.
  • In collaboration with Gore® - Dulevo has developed a sweeper with total fine particle filtering, unique in the world. The mechanical filtering and suction system guarantees the total elimination of PM10 particles, thanks to the exclusive application of Gore® technology.
  • Accessible and easy to repair - Entirely hydrostatic control does not require the use of electronic components.
  • Manoeuvrability - Four-wheel, synchronised and hydraulic steering remarkably simplifies even the most complex manoeuvres.



Four-wheel, synchronised and hydraulic steering makes this road sweeper highly manoeuvrable, even in the most complex situations.