Varley Electric Vehicles are the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in Australia and have developed a reputation for producing and distributing world-class vehicles and associated products, which is reflected in the design of all their electric vehicles.

Recent customers include:

  •        QANTAS
  •        Couran Cove Resort
  •        Royal Australian Navy
  •        Western Plains Zoo
  •        Smarte Carte
  •        Federation Square
  •        Kingfisher Bay Resort
  •        James Cook University


We supply a diverse range of products and services, including:

  •        Off-the-Shelf and Custom Electric Vehicles
  •        Batteries and Chargers
  •        Spare Parts and Accessories
  •        Used and Hire Vehicles
  •        Full Maintenance and Restoration Servicing


See our extensive product range at varleyelectricvehicles.com.au.