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EMC Electric Vehicles is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Varley Group - design and construct high quality electric vehicles of all types that minimise pollution and other forms of environmental degradation. 

In pursuit of this commitment, EMC Electric Vehicles provide desirable, effective and economical transport solutions to the needs of industry, government, commerce and the community. Our range includes: 

  • Golf Carts / Buggies

  • Resort Vehicles, People Movers and Shuttles

  • Industrial and Commercial Vehicles (including our Made in Australia range)

  • Utility and Pantec vehicles

  • Batteries, Chargers and Spare Parts

  • Optional Extras, Upgrades and Accessories

  • Electric Vehicle Hire and Rental


Our wide range of electric vehicles are utilised throughout diverse industries and markets, including:

  • Personal Recreation (Golf, Leisure and Transport)

  • Aviation and Airports

  • Ground Handling

  • Retirement Villages

  • Schools, Universities and other Educational Facilities

  • Mines and Mining Support

  • Resorts, Parks and Tour Sites

  • Commercial Material and Goods Handling

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Medical Support and Patient Transport

  • Special Events



When vehicles are sold into an area where there is no existing Dealer or Service Agent, an agent is appointed. Service Agents are appointed in consultation with the new customer and are usually an Auto Electrician or other established local service business with the qualifications, equipment and ability to offer both service and warranty support. Service agents are based around Australia, with expertise servicing golf carts, utilities, people movers and industrial vehicles.

All vehicles are fitted with onboard American Curtis programmable electronics controllers. These controllers are the same brand as you would find on other quality golf carts and electric vehicles including Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-GO.

In the unlikely event of a warranty or service problem, your service agent or dealer can use a special hand held electronic tool known as a “Programmer” to download from the vehicle fault, history log and diagnostic information.

The programmer can also be used to adjust and set vehicle performance, limit or increase top speed, turn on or off regenerative braking, anti-walkaway and other sophisticated features.

EMC Electric Vehicles also offer Trojan and US brand batteries, battery chargers (including the latest small, light weight and highly efficient 'switch mode' charger) to suit other brands of electric vehicles including Yamaha, Clubcar, EZ-GO etc.

Spare Parts in stock include (but not limited to):

Fuses, light bulbs, electric motors, gauges and meters, wheel bearings and seals, brake linings and shoes, steering and suspension components including full Rack and Pinion, tie rods, hubs, cross-members, shock absorbers, Seats and seat belts, full range of body panels, roof and roof supports, motors, controllers, wheels, tyres, lights and light assemblies, battery chargers and connectors, weather curtains and dust covers, windscreens and windscreen clamps, bumper bars and brackets, ball washers and sand bottles, dashboards and clips, solenoids and inverters, mag wheels and low profile tyres.

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At EMC, we have our own multi vehicle carrying tilt tray trucks as well as vans, trailers and tow vehicles. Depending on your location, we can arrange delivery at very competitive prices - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Newcastle, Canberra, Gosford...and everywhere in between!

We also have transport contracts with Toll Logistics, Q-Link, CEVA and other transport companies. We can offer delivery of one or even a fleet of vehicles to your door.

We have special metal pallets for loading and for long range deliveries we can strap vehicles to a steel pallet so it can be safely fork lifted on and off trucks and rail. On arrival, you simply cut the straps and drive your vehicle off the frame.

We have fork lifts on site and extra long ramps for easy loading at pick up.

Sales Outside Australia

We can arrange shipping by full sea container or LCL international for one unit, a fleet or regular supply. Our existing customers hail from USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Asia, Middle-East and Europe.

Please call 1300 73 66 85 or contact us online to discuss your requirements.


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Blake Shields
General Manager - EMC Electric Vehicles