Fail-Safe Brake System

Fail-Safe Brake SystemFail_safe_brake_1

'Australia's Premier Hi-Rail Brake'

Guaranteed compliance with all mandatory Australian and RISSB standards


As an ONRSR-RRV accredited company for design, manufacture and testing, the Hercules Fail-Safe Brake System by Varley has a proven reliability. Every Hi-Rail vehicle is tested on our ONRSR approved tri gauge test track.


Retro fitted to any road rail vehicle or track machine the Hercules Fail-Safe Brake System is a friction type of brake system that has been designed for light, medium or heavy vehicle applications. Our fail-safe brakes are fully independent functions that satisfy all rail safety regulations and stringent industry standards.

The brakes are spring applied and hydraulic released, meeting all fail-safe requirements. Spring rates are adjusted to suit the vehicle size and brake application.



Each brake system is equipped with an independent hydraulic circuit which does not affect the base vehicle circuits. All brake systems are controlled by a functional screen added to the vehicle.

The Hercules fail safe brake is integrated to the vehicle to comply with AS7502 and all of the network standards.

Rigorous testing is carried out on track before vehicle handover to ensure the system meets all requirement. Rail park brakes are tested to a 1:24 grade to meet the new rail tunnel requirements.



  • Electrical: 12v or 24v systems

  • Hydraulic: customized pressure ratings for individual vehicle need

  • Spring Rates: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty

  • Capacity: Tested to 30 tonne GVM

  • Wheel Size: Brake shoes made in hose to suit wheel treadline diameters

  • Item number: VH_FSBS

    • Internal Independent Engineering and design team. Interface agreement which accesses 30klm of test track to meet the standard.
    • AS7502 (RRV’s) and AS7501 (compliance certification) RISSB Committee Member



    All options include Varley exceptional customer support including the Varley all states national service network.

    ** Emergency fail-safe break can be adapted for a service break application.



    Why Use Us:

    Comply with RISSB (Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board) Standard 1.4 Compentency (see below) Quality Assured ISO 9001/2015 Varley are ICP registered for Infrastructure maintenance vehicle approved for NSW, [ASA,ARTC,JH-CRN] -Victoria [ MTM,V-Line] – SA[DPTI]-WA [ PTA, ARC, Pilbara area] Varley is an approved RIM (Rail Infrastructure Manager) and RSO (Rolling Stock Operator) Varley is the only company accredited by ONRSR for …

    • Railway Operation – Construction, commissioning, maintenance, repair, modification, decommissioning, operation or movement, or causing the operation or by movement by any means.

    • Rolling Stock – Road Rail Shunt Vehicles, Freight Wagons and Road Rail Vehicles.


    RISSB Standard:

    1.4 Competency

    Competence of all persons verifying designs of or modifications to road rail vehicles shall be in accordance with AS 7501:2013, Section 4, Independent Competent Person (,,,

    In accordance with the Rail Safety National Law 2012, all designers, design verifiers, constructors, construction validators, operators, maintainers, and certifiers of road rail vehicles shall have relevant competencies to undertake their work. (,,,



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