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The KWIK-DROP™ system is a mechanical door operating system used in the automatic bottom dump operation of railway hopper wagons on the move. 

The system is based on the interaction of two complementary parts; the wagon mounted door assemblies and the trackside installed “triggers”. The trackside installation consists of one or more door “opening” triggers at the start of the dumping terminal bin and a door “closing” trigger at the end of the bin.


With wagons marshaled uni-directionally and traveling through the dumping terminal, wagon doors are automatically tripped open in sequence as they pass the opening trigger at the start of the bin and tripped close as they pass the closing rigger at the end of the bin.

The higher capacity of a longer bin can be accessed with the use of two or more opening triggers. The system has been proven in reliable service in many terminals since1993.


Eliminates high maintenance door pneumatic system on wagons...

• Pneumatic system required for triggers at dumping
• terminal only
• Reduced capital cost of new wagons
• Reduced ongoing maintenance cost
• Reduced tare mass contributing to fuel economy while traveling empty and increased payload when loaded
• Positive door operation using the energy of the train motion
• Increased door security from larger over-centre locking than air operated doors
• Automatic operation in both opening and closing eliminates the requirement for operators at trackside, in a dust-laden atmosphere and close to a moving train
• Enhanced workplace health and safety for terminal personnel
• Can coexist with other operating systems
• Suitable for most types of bulk material


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KWIK-DROP Trigger System


Kwik-Drop is a registered trademark of Downer EDI Rail Pty Ltd
The Kwik-Drop System is patented by Downer EDI Rail Pty Ltd
G H Varley hold exclusive license for The Kwik-Drop System


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