Line Boring



Varley Power Services have 3 line boring systems set up in fully-equipped medium rigid trucks. Each of these machines has the capability of machining bores from 38mm to 50mm (1.5" - 2") in diameter. These size bores are generally bored over size, bushed and finish machines to required diameter.

For bore sizes greater than 50mmup to 900mm (2" - 36"), Varley are able to reclaim these back to a standard size by roughing out the bore to a true diameter, welding the bore with the number of runs required to produce the size of the bore, then machine bore back to manufacturer's specifications.

To assist this fast and accurate system, we also have two sized facing heads to machine:

  •  Faces
  •  Circlip grooves
  •  Grease grooves, and
  •  Spigots

These heads are capable of making circlip grooves in bores as small as 100mm (4") and can face out to a diameter of 500mm (20").

Our service includes accurate alignment of bores where line boring is required throughout a number of bores. This distance can cover up to 2500mm (98") long using bars of various lengths joined together using collars for accurate alignment.

Varley's system has a morse tapered bar for drilling and boring blind holes. An important fact to note is that in-line boring, rotary welding, grooving, spigot machining and facing operations can all be carried out with only one setup.

Varley can bring the service to you at any location, ensuring that progress on work required can be monitored by you. Varley have qualified machinists with over 35 years combined experience in this field, and offer you a 24 hour, 7 days a week coverage for any job.