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During the 1970s, power stations began to increase their focus on plant reliability and placed emphasis on valves in all areas of the power process. To deliver accuracy, it was identified that high quality specific power machinery and systems were required, and only those companies prepared to invest in this infrastructure would qualify for contract work. Varley were the pioneer contractors for this work. The company continues to win work and operate to these exacting standards.

Varley Power Services has held valve maintenance contracts with all the major power stations in New South Wales, and today is the specialist contractor of choice for many of the power generation plants between Tasmania and North Queensland.

By drawing on the company's broad engineering base, Varley Power Services has worked extensively in a wide range of plants. This experience allows Varley to assist clients in resolving long standing problems in areas such as ash and dust plants, water treatment plants, piping systems, pumps, gearboxes, sootblowers, coal mills (bowl and ball), boiler tubes, air heaters, feed water heaters, cooling water systems, turbines and turbine auxiliaries.


Overview of experience:

  • Valves: industrial safety valve testing, repair, refurbishment, overhaul and maintenance.
  • Electrical: engineering, repair and maintenance, plus full contracting services.
  • Line Boring: in-situ machining, workshop refurbishment, welding.
  • Pumps: testing, repair, refurbishment, overhaul and maintenance.
  • Labour resourcing: workshop-based and on-site / in-situ workforces to cover any requirement.