PT. Varley Indonesia



Located in major cities Jakarta and Tangerang, PT. Varley Indonesia has been operating in a joint venture between Mr. John Hendarmin and the Varley Group Australia since 2002.

PT. Varley Indonesia commenced operations in 2004 as a specialist in complete valve refurbishment. This was in response to the growing needs for valve services and maintenance in the power, industrial, petro-chemical and process industries throughout the Indonesian region.

PT. Varley Indonesia provide a complete valve refurbishment service whilst delivering time-saving, efficient and high quality service at competitive prices.



Specific capabilities include:

  • In-situ Overhaul: for emergent or scheduled on-site maintenance. PT. Varley Indonesia has fully equipped mobile units which can be located on-site. Our portable in-situ equipment offers efficient logistic support to meet our clients needs. 
  • Workshop Overhaul: PT. Varley Indonesia has a fully equipped workshop which is located in Tangerang city.
  • Long Term Contract Maintenance: PT. Varley Indonesia provides the concept of long term contracts for the maintenance of valves. Recent contracts include:
    • PT. IPMOMI, Paiton. 
    • In-situ Test Equipment
  • Safety Valves and General Valves: all types, makes and sizes can be overhauled, replaced and/or supplied