Rail Equipment

1 Tonne Multi-Gauge Rail Push Trolley


The intended use for the rail trolley is a flat top supporting frame constructed from high-grade aluminium that can be pushed by hand on the rail. The Trolley has been fitted with fail-safe braking mechanisms to two of the rail wheels and can be lifted on the rail without the need for a crane or lifting device.


Our 1 Tonne Multi-Gauge Rail Push Tolley is fully compliant with all rail Networks Australia Wide!


The rail trolley is a hand push trolley with gauge adaption. This trolley makes maintenance easy, no need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment to cater to the entire Australian rail network.

It makes switching gauge sizes as easy as removing a pin and adjusting your wheel set.

The Hercules Rail Trolley has a carrying capacity of 1000kg, with ample deck space to cater for large objects.

It is also supplied with fail-safe brakes to ensure it’s never going to roll away.

The unit weighs in at just under 50kg and can be easily lifted on track into position. It folds away into a compact design so it can fit onto a standard truck for transport.

  • One fully functional push trolley for all size rails and gauges
  • Quick and easy gauge change, means there is only the need for one trolley
  • Fail-safe braking mechanism
  • Light weight aluminium construction - 2 people can easily lift this trolley
  • Fully compliant with all networks
  • Running lights included for night time use



Welding Crate


The  Welding Crate or Stillage has been designed to provide a custom solution for welding crews throughout the rail industry. The purpose of this storage solution is to carry all welding

consumables and tools that are needed to perform rail welding.


The Welding Crate is built to withstand the harsh Australian environment and the #1 selling, rail welders storage system.

The Frame has been constructed from high-grade RHS. This is additionally braced with 5mm Walkway expanded mesh floor and sides.

The Crate has additional features of 1m extending legs for use on ballast shoulders, and three 2.5T welded transport lugs for lifting.

Lifting of this frame is done so by the 3 welds on lifting lugs and correctly rated chains.


The Hercules Welding Crate has been approved by a recognised Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) to the relevant Australian Standards.


  • Length: 1400 mm (55.11in)
  • Width: 2100 mm (82.67in)
  • Height: 1300 mm (51.2in)
  • SWL Capacity: 1500 Kg
  • PAYE Load: 1075 Kg



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