Supplier and Contractor Hub


Varley Group takes pride in our long relationships with our Suppliers and Service Providers.  We continuously strive to improve our innovation, capability, and deliver excellence through alignment with our Suppliers / Contractors. 

Our competitive reputation as a provider of innovative turnkey solutions and unsurpassed service, on local, national, and international stages has been made possible through our strong Supplier base.

Our goal is to continue to build a strong supplier/contractor base, retain, and grow our current high performing suppliers/contractors and strive to provide our customers with continued excellence.

Varley Group's focus is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers/contractors based on transparency and respect. 

We have developed our Supplier/Contractors Management System which enables us to continuously improve our preferred supplier base.

Our Selection Process ensures fairness and control when on-boarding a Supplier/Contractor.

See Varley Group Supplier/Contractor Management System below;


Supplier Management System


Supplier-New and Current Suppliers_1


1. New & Current Suppliers
Varley Group is continuously striving to improve our Supplier/Contractor Base while retaining those Suppliers/Contractors that demonstrate continuous Performance and Competitiveness
• Information - Our aim is to provide our suppliers/contractors with accurate information and expectations prior to becoming a  Varley Group Supplier/Contractor.
• Transparency – Our goal is to provide full transparency and respect to our suppliers/contractors. We aim to treat all our suppliers/contractors fairly whether they have been selected by Varley Group or not.
• Equity –  We pride ourselves by partnering with only ethical suppliers/contractors and quantifying their ethical standards
  • Labour standards
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental protection
  • Business ethics
  • Export control


  • Health & Safety & Environmental Expectations – Varley Group cares about the health and safety of our people, our customers and visitors, our suppliers and contractors, our works, our communities and takes our responsibility towards the environment seriously.
• Pre-defined Criteria – All our purchasing policies, terms & conditions and Health & Safety complies strictly with applicable regulation requirements. Please see our minimum requirements links below; links:


Suppliers-Understand Ability_2


2. Understand Ability
Our brand has been built on quality, innovation, and excellence. Varley Group has formalized a process to truly understand our Supplier/contractor's capabilities prior to on-boarding, which ensures we continue our brand's strength.
  • Facility Visit(s) –  Our Supply Chain & QA team will conduct site visits to determine our Supplier's capability to conduct work effectively, highest quality, competitiveness, and manufacturing controls.
  • Audits – We will conduct a detailed site audit to provide transparency of where improvements will need to be made and provide an overall audit score with clear deliverables and time-lines.
  • Quality & Risk Profile – Varley Group seeks continuous improvements with our suppliers/contractors.  Varley Group monitor our Suppliers/Contractors Quality & Risk management by tracking and measuring performance with respect to scheduling, production and resource management, responsiveness, and the quality of products and services.
  • Health & Safety & Environmental Capability – Safety is a core value within Varley Group – to ensure the welfare of our people, our visitors and our community whilst minimizing our impact on the community and environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to do everything possible to keep ourselves and our suppliers/contractors safe.  We expect our suppliers/contractors to have the same values and will the reviewed during the audit or on-boarding process.
  • Capabilities -  Our processes enable us to understand your capabilities prior to you being successful to join our Varley Group Supplier/Contractors base.


Suppliers-Selection Process

3. Selection Process
Our Supplier selection process provides transparency and fairness to our suppliers/contractors. 


  • Cost Effectiveness – We continue to offer our customers innovative, high quality, and cost competitive products. Our expectation is that our suppliers/contractors continually strive to provide Varley Group with competitive solutions enabling us to increase our ability to offer our customers the optimal solution.
  • Technical OfferingWe aim to align ourselves with suppliers/contractors that are advancing their businesses through new and innovative technologies, manufacturing process, highest quality systems, and LEAN philosophies.
  • Capacity Capability – Our expectation is that our suppliers/contractors can provide the right product, of the highest quality when required. We strive to ensure that our customers receive their product on-time and our suppliers/contractors are the enablers to deliver on our promise.
  • Health & Safety & Environmental Compliance – Our expectation is that our suppliers/contractors have a positive Safety Culture, consultative processes, providing a safe & healthy working environment, demonstrating behaviors – Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe, striving to minimize your impact on the environment & community, and complying with relevant industry standards.
  • Contract Engagement – Our successful suppliers/contractors will be required to agree to Varley Group's contractual requirements.


Supplier-Performance Management


4. Performance Management
Once on-boarded as a Varley Group supplier/contractors, we maintain supplier/contractors performance tracking – Delivery, Quality, Cost, Continuous Improvement.


  • Communication – Our Supplier/Contractors Monthly Performance meeting provides transparency to our suppliers/contractors on areas of improvement and provides transparency to Varley Groups' future business forecasts and opportunities.
  • Measure - Suppliers/contractors are contractually committed to the terms negotiated. They are all evaluated against the same criteria of on-time delivery and compliance. Varley Group will invoke their rights under contract in the event of poor performance. Evaluation results are communicated to suppliers/contractors and action plans are defined to identify root causes of problems, manage risks, and make improvements.
  • Continuous Improvement - Preferred suppliers/contractors must meet the condition of continuous improvement. Suppliers/contractors who are unable to improve poor performances become non-recommended suppliers/contractors and risk losing all business with Varley Group.
  • Health & Safety & Environmental Performance  - Our Supplier Monthly Performance meetings will focus on your & Varley’s Health, Safety & Environmental continuous compliance and continuous improvements to ensure we work collaboratively to strive for a safe culture  - Thinks Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe
  • Action -  We commit to our suppliers/contractors to continuously improve our processes, listen where we need to improve, and deliver through action. Our expectation is that our suppliers/contractors act with the same integrity.



Contact our businesses Supply Chain team with detailed information.

For supplier/contractor questions, wanting to become a Varley Group Supplier/contractor, please send your information or queries to the below.