Welding & Fabrication



The Varley Power Services division provides an integrated solution to our clients. We have grown to provide specialist fabrication and welding.

Specifically, Varley Group’s Fabrication and Welding expertise lies in:

  •  Pressure Equipment Welding to AS/NZ53992
  •  Structural Steel Welding to AS/NZ51554
  •  Welding of Aluminium Structures to AS/NZ1665
  •  Reclamation/Repairs of Valve Seats – Stellite Hardfacing
  •  Fabrication & Fitting of Pipework
  •  Precision TIG, MIG,SMAW
  •  Fabrication of parts – pumps, motors, valves, gearboxes etc.
  •  Welding of: Carbon/Manganese, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconels, Monels,
  •  Copper & Chrome Molly
  •  Detailed, Qualified Weld Procedures, designed in-house
  •  Meeting Customer Requirements & Standards
  •  NDE, NDT, PWHT arranged in-house

Our team of dedicated specialists can efficiently service your company’s requirements through our permanent workshop facilities located in Tomago NSW, Narangba QLD and Ballarat VIC. Plant and equipment can be transported to our workshop for repair before return to service.

Alternatively, our innovative machinery and equipment has been designed to mobilise immediately to any site throughout Australia.